Do you have Questions?

At Ma & Pops Painting we want to ensure that all questions and concerns regarding your project are answered. Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

A project’s length is based on the size of the job, condition of the painting surfaces, and the number of colors chosen. We will work with you to ensure that whichever room is a priority is done first so that you are not inconvenienced too much.

For interior work, we ask that you move as much furniture as you possibly can. This includes removing pictures from the walls and moving any furniture out of the way. If you are unable to move heavy furniture, we will move it for you. We also carefully cover all interior and exterior furniture and plants in tarps.

At the end of every workday, we carefully clean out any debris that may have accumulated. At the end of your project, everything is also replaced to its original position. For exterior projects, we also have a landscaper come by at the end to clean up all excess debris.

Unfortunately, rain cannot be avoided when working on exterior projects. If it does rain, there can be delays to your project. We will communicate with you if delays occur. We will also fix any and all weather-related issues that the rain caused to your paint or stain job immediately after it happens. This includes sanding, repainting, power washing runoff paint stains on the ground, and more.


We’ve worked with numerous different customers. This includes those who need touch-ups for holiday parties, refinishing deck surfaces for annual cookouts, and homeowners selling or buying new homes. We’ve also finished full exteriors and interiors on brand new construction.

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